El Capitan leads his Pals to Victory!

Pals went into Kael on January 3rd with a super mega raid force of 642 troopers and medics in what was supposed to be a swift whoopin’ of Derkadurr the Vindicaturr. The engagement was smooth but about 80% through the fight, shit went sideways and Pals was losing the battle. Seeing his Pals in trouble, Captain Honza “El Capitan” Bvellos dug in and told his guild to GET ON HIS BACK as he pounded away at Derkadurr and helped his Pals overcome adversity and secure the W.

Today we salute YOU, mister “Can’t see where you’re going but run everywhere” bruther

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Pals Cleric Epic Fan-Vid


Grats again Hinee on your epic!

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Growth Spurts & Late night Tacos

Tuesday night was a long and eventful evening. We went into Growth to find out what goodies we can find there, and we were disappointed by only finding Shadowknight loots that rotted. We also found Googlock’s brother and father, but not much else came of that adventure.

There’s a reason why Taco Bell is open late — to satisfy the taste buds of people who shouldn’t be awake. With that being said, nobody got any tacos, but we were able to muster a force for Zordak Ragefire and we got Hinee his epic! Hinee has spent 40 hours camping this guy over the past week and he finally got ’em! Now Pals can die all they want. Time to get a new pair of sneakers for all that running you’re gonna have to do.

From the Pals who’ve stuck it out, to the Pals who are yet to come, tonight was a huge step in progression! We will see you soon with new updates!

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“A guy who farts in the bath tub and bites the bubbles”

What does that even mean? Well firstly, it’s a joke from a movie, and it could really mean anything.. but if you’ve seen the movie, it can be deduced that a funzanoon is someone who loathes fun so much, they have to try and ruin it for everyone.

Is that cogent? Does it make sense? No, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a made up word from a fictional movie. If you struggle to understand that, we’re probably not the community for you to be a part of. Otherwise, enjoy this next clip from the classic movie Stripes:


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We went down with caution, and killed Prince… but we did something or other and ended up CRing at King.. BUT IT WAS FUN! THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!

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Baby it’s Cold Outside

Well it’s been a month since our last update, so let’s get cooking!

If you’re anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature is changing. If you’re in the northern part of the US, that means it’s chili time, so I thought I’d share with you a simple recipe to make a delicious pot:

I’ll admit, I improvised this one when I saw some chorizo at the supermarket and opted to go with a sausage chili opposed to beef or chicken. I mixed a pound of mild sausage with a pound of chorizo. Now, with cooking chili, you don’t need to use exact measurements… you can put 2 pounds of each in it if you want, it just depends on your preference.

Step 1: Cook the Sausages. I added some thai chili peppers and some serrano peppers to pull some of the heat out and put it in with the sausages. After the sausages were cooked, I poured them into a strainer and chopped them up further. I got all the fat and grease out of the pan before continuing further.

Step 2: Sautee the onions with olive oil, add garlic, salt lightly

Step 3: Add meat back to pot

Step 4: Add diced tomatoes, tomato sauce

Step 5: Add black, kidney, garbanzo beans

Step 6: Add chili powder and cayenne pepper powder

Step 7: Win

There you have it: A simple chili recipe.

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10/5 adventures!

Last night was amazing. Pals experienced a lot. Pals got to experience ToV, and also partook in the Ring War.

And while all that chaos was happening, Juanlove was in Runnyeye having the REAL fun by helping folks experience a place that doesn’t get explore very often:

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10/3 Kael fun!

4 weeks ago, we had 1 group of 50+
2 weeks ago, we had 2 groups of 50+
Tonight we had 3+ groups of 50+!
We are growing! We are getting better.

Go Pals!
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You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf..

But what about two farts in a kart?

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<Pals> dive into the Hole

<insert dirty joke here> .. ok, we done? hehe

Well, we’re finally getting there. We’ve got 3 groups or so of raid-able folks, and we’re just doing stuff. Tonight we spelunkered around the Hole and found a bug. Apparently a port pad down past Slab has no z-axis limit and a few of our dudes zoned out, and when the rest of us attempted to replicate, a couple of us died… so we had to go back in to get corpses.

In all, 10/10 on the adventure scale!

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