Growth Spurts & Late night Tacos

Tuesday night was a long and eventful evening. We went into Growth to find out what goodies we can find there, and we were disappointed by only finding Shadowknight loots that rotted. We also found Googlock’s brother and father, but not much else came of that adventure.

There’s a reason why Taco Bell is open late — to satisfy the taste buds of people who shouldn’t be awake. With that being said, nobody got any tacos, but we were able to muster a force for Zordak Ragefire and we got Hinee his epic! Hinee has spent 40 hours camping this guy over the past week and he finally got ’em! Now Pals can die all they want. Time to get a new pair of sneakers for all that running you’re gonna have to do.

From the Pals who’ve stuck it out, to the Pals who are yet to come, tonight was a huge step in progression! We will see you soon with new updates!

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