<Pals> are coming to Quarm TLP!

Well it’s been a while since we’ve done a whole lot of anything, but our our buddy boy Secrets (who was one of the main devs of p99 when it first launched) is dropping an emu TLP server of his own! We are very excited about this and will be supporting him with our presence.

Here’s some info about the server –
Getting Started:
Install the TAKP 2.2 client (Download entire client found here): http://wiki.takp.info/index.php/Getting_Started

Unzip and replace files in the same folder. You can get the file from here
Or you can download it from the official Quarm TLP Discord here

Timeline for Classic:

1.0 (Launch)

  • Paineel is in on launch. The Hole and The Warrens are closed.
  • Runnyeye does not drop Alloy items, and the sporali have not moved in.
  • Legacy Items are enabled:
  • Manastone
  • Rubicite Armor
  • Guise of the Deceiver
  • Journeyman’s Boots (Drelzna)
  • EXP / ZEM – Pre Velious, Classic EQ ZEMs
  • A single pet dealing 50% or more will reduce solo experience at 50% or equal to one group member weight of the pet’s level if grouped.
  • Wizards keep later xpac innate crit chance.

Classic 1.3: (3 months)

  • The Temple of Solusek Ro opens.
  • The Classic Planes (Hate, Fear, Sky) open. – Cazic-Thule is a hybrid of Kunark and Velious CT. Innoruuk is a hybrid of pre and post revamp Innoruuk. (Immunities to slow, snare, fear, root, paci, etc, but not resist immune)
  • Legacy Items are disabled from Classic 1.0

Classic 1.6: (6 months)

  • The Hole opens.
  • Bloody Kithicor / Firiona Vie / Lanys T’vyl GM event
  • Lustrous Russet Armor stops dropping.

Classic 1.9 (9 months):

  • None (This is our pre-Kunark milestone)
  • Special GM event involving Firiona Vie

Timeline for Kunark:

Kunark 2.0:

  • Kunark accessible.
  • Iksar creation enabled.
  • Nurga and Droga pre revamp
  • Chardok pre revamp.
  • Level Cap 60, 0 AA
  • Legacy Items enabled.
  • Epic Items enabled.

2.3 (12 months):

  • Firepot binding removed.
  • Cazic Thule / Innoruuk given minor damage boost over classic.

Kunark 2.6 (15 months):

  • Legacy Items disabled.

Kunark 2.9 (18 months):

  • Pre velious patch.
    -Gnomes appear, wanting help crafting a new feat of gnomish engineering that will allow their expedition to reach an island they saw in the distance…

Timeline for Velious

Velious 3.0

  • Velious opens.
  • Level cap remains 60.
  • Runnyeye revamps.
  • Warrens and Stonebrunt quests NPCs enable.
  • Legacy Items enable.
  • Seaworthy planking is enabled as a rare spawn.
  • EXP/ ZEM rules change to Velious group bonus / Velious newbie ZEM boost.
  • Sleeper’s Tomb is unavailable at launch.

Velious 3.3

  • The Planes of Hate and Fear revamp.
  • The Sleeper’s tomb opens.
    -Seaworthy Planking is disabled.
    Velious 3.6:
  • The Warrens and Stonebrunt opens.
  • Legacy Items are disabled.

Velious 3.9:

  • Chardok revamps.
  • Pre-Luclin milestone.
  • Al’Kabor Spire GM event

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