Join Us!

Yes indeed we are recruiting! We are probably the most FUN guild on the server, or even EVER. There is no comparison. Our Discord is lit up with banter that doesn’t interfere with our raid performance. We’re adults, we work hard, we don’t come home to hop on EQ and work a second job, only to be micromanaged by neck-breathing sperglords.

Raid times are 6pm PST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays.
Full Member Active Raid Status: 20%/20-day
DKP is earned per tick (2 ticks per hour)
Loot is awarded via blind-bid +1 auction system. Example:
Player 1 bids 48
Player 2 bids 94
Player 3 bids 72
Player 2 wins item for 73

BOXES EARN DKP, but are capped on spending (20dkp) vs. mains
*Must pay 3x final bid when bid is finalized.

Classes that qualify for DKP bonus: CLR SHM DRU BER WIZ
Characters must maintain active raid status for 1 month before receiving bonus