About Us

“The people who worked for Joe were misfits, and they were a family.
It was a place where all these misfits could come together and be with the King of Misfits
Who reigned over them.”

Quick History of Pals
Pals was formed on an EverQuest emulator (fan) server in the fall of 2018. The server came to an abrupt end when devs discontinued working on it and canceled the server. However, that did not deter Pals, because PALS STICK TOGETHER, and we reformed on the Mangler Time Locked Progression server in March of 2019. To this day, Pals is one of the best guilds that many people have ever been a part of, and THAT starts with the members.

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where working adults can come home from work and enjoy themselves. We are all playing this game for fun, and there’s no need to be called an idiot by your raid leader just because you went AFK a minute to check on your kids.

In closing: We get it, your real life takes precedence over a video game, and that’s how it should be. We’re playing a game, not working a second job. We want to be able to enjoy ourselves and have fun.