Shhhhh! PALS don’t talk about Fight Club!

Well, maybe a little for now. PALS is having it’s first fight club, and you should come check it out, and participate if you’d like. What are the rules of PFC?

1) You Do Not Talk About Fight Club!
2) You Do Not Talk About Fight Club!
3) Any Class or Race
4) Max lvl 30
5) Any gear or clickies you can acquire from bazaar, npc, quest, task or Dz. 
6) During PVP matches. No outside interference from other characters. Including your own box's 
eg. No buffs, Heals, Player made Potions, Body blocking, Dispelling or any other shenanigans (other than what you can do yourself for buffs/heals). 
7) During PVP matches. No running out of the pvp flagged area if in a match. 
8) Have fun. This is a not serious event. Bring your favorite pvp class. or come support your favorite guildy!

We will be fighting in The Arena, off Lake Rathe. Go has hard or easy as you like, we are doing this for fun and chuckles. There is lots of fun gear in the first two to three expansions that have no level requirement. What can you put together to compete?!?!

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